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Carlton Cofie, News Editor & Radio Host of Asaase Radio 99.5 interviews Adrian from The Sound of Accra Podcast (PodBites Ep.44)
Episode 16810th March 2024 • The Sound of Accra Podcast • Adrian Daniels
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Adrian Daniels sits down with radio host and news Editor of Asaase Radio 99.5 in Cantonments, Carlton Cofie, to discuss the inspiration behind his podcast, "The Sound of Accra." 

Adrian shares how the podcast originated from his networking events in Accra and has now grown to feature top Ghanaian founders, entrepreneurs, and creators worldwide. He talks about the significance of the podcast's title and his approach to engaging guests, while also delving into the podcast's focus on the vibrant city life and amplifying global Ghanaian excellence. 

Tune in to hear how Adrian navigates the podcast landscape, his future plans, and insights into his experiences in Accra.


00:00 Random thought led to podcast name "Accra."

05:00 Leveraging network leads to effortless guest acquisition.

07:59 Approach politics cautiously, discuss indirectly to avoid problems.


1. How did Adrian Daniels come up with the name "The Sound of Accra" for his podcast, and what significance does it have to him and his work?

2. In what ways does Adrian discuss his approach to the podcast, particularly in terms of the individuals he invites as guests and the topics they discuss?

3. How does Adrian describe his initial experience with organizing networking events in Accra, and how did this lead to the development of his podcast?

4. What methods does Adrian use to source and engage guests for his podcast, and how has this changed over the course of his podcasting journey?

5. How does Adrian reflect on the potential expansion of his podcast beyond Accra and the impact it could have on his content and audience?

6. What insights does Adrian give regarding the selection of interview subjects, particularly in relation to music and political figures?

7. How does Adrian express his approach to discussing politics on the podcast, and what considerations does he have in this regard?

8. How does Adrian outline his vision for potential future content, such as a documentary on Accra, and how does he believe this will contribute to his podcast's message and impact?

9. What is the significance of Adrian's anticipated guest, Rocky Dawoni, and how does it align with the usual content of "The Sound of Accra" podcast?

10. How does Adrian describe his current stay in Accra and its potential influence on his podcast, and how might this influence the future direction of the podcast's content?

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