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3. The Inside Scoop On Google Ads From An Ex-Google Employee With Wyatt Moss
Episode 310th October 2022 • The eCommerce Sharehouse • Russell Steed & Emerson Hammer
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Wyatt Moss is an ex-Google employee. From his time working at Google he learned what worked and what didn't when it came to advertising on Google. Fast forward a few years and now Wyatt personally manages the strategy and execution of millions of dollars in monthly ad-spend. Wyatt uses his insider knowledge and decade of experience to optimize digital advertising spend for his clients.

We dive into utilizing google ads in your business, when it makes sense, when it doesn't. We also chat about when you should use an agency or not. Paid advertising can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to all the functionality that google ads provides. We talk about some of those intricacies and how to increase your ROAS.

If you're interested in reaching out to Wyatt about his services, you can reach him through his website




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