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Compassionate Leadership (a better approach for mental health?)
Episode 7916th May 2024 • Beyond The Water Cooler • Lisa LLoyd
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I'm talking about compassionate leadership because it is mental health awareness week. How are those linked, I hear some of you ponder? Well, as those of you who know me well, I'm not really about initiatives or individual-level intervention without thinking about the wider context. You wouldn't put a flourishing seedling in a dark room without water. And, I've been doing quite a lot of work lately working with leadership teams to create space to stop and check in with themselves, each other and where the business is heading.  
When we focus on:
  • psychological safety - by experiencing it
  • compassion - by thinking about our own limits before looking to care for others
  • emotional intelligence - by recognising the need to step outside our comfort zones...
We are able to: ✅ align individuals within a team ✅ provide clear direction for the business ✅ increase high performance
  And that impacts on good mental health - both for the leadership team and those they lead. Are you bolting on a quick fix or an attempting to solve mental health challenges when they're evident? Or are you taking a preventative approach and creating the right environment for people to be happy and healthy? Are you joining the dots?

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