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Hot Mess to Success Entrepreneurs - Amanda & Laura of Hot Mess to Success 31st October 2019
026 – STOP doing these 5 things to enjoy success!
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026 – STOP doing these 5 things to enjoy success!

Over and over people are telling you… do this… do this… do this… well, today Laura is sharing what to STOP doing. There is so much “noise” in life, it’s important to realize what you are doing and saying and STOP doing a few things so you can truly kick ass in life & biz.

Life and business get busy. It’s so important that we slow down and take the time to truly prioritize, listen, learn, and put what’s important FIRST. Laura has been through a lot of hot messes over the last few years of life and she shares her takeaways on things that she needed to STOP in order to truly start enjoying her life and working from home.

Grab your happy coffee, notebook, and pen, because you’ll want to take notes during this show, as this episode is on fire! AND… always remember….  you are amazing, beautiful, and blessed… and you are not alone! Own it!

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  • Stop Lying to Yourself! What!?!
  • Stop doing _______ this and your family will love you!
  • Stop letting your day rule you and you rule the day, learn how!
  • Stop multi-tasking, instead do this and you’ll be even more productive!
  • STOP TALKING… oohhh… this one is good!






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