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Delish Dish - iHub Radio 21st March 2020
Delish Dish with Jeff Hocker
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Delish Dish with Jeff Hocker

This week, Jeff Hocker talks with guests about how they have changed their business model during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first half, Andy Mahaffey, GM at Rick's Restaurant and Bakery and Rick's Desert Grill discussing take-out and delivery service www.RicksRestaurant.biz. Then, Willie Rhine, Owner of 849 Restaurant and Lounge will discuss curbside pick-up and their GrubHub, UberEats and Postdate delivery. www.Eight4Nine.com

In the second half of the show, William De La Campa, Owner Nature's Health Food & Cafe will give us tips on how to stay healthy and keep our immune system ready to tackle anything that comes our way. www.natureshealthfoodcafe.com. Then, Kraig Johnson, Asst. Executive Director at JFS Desert will give us updates on counseling and emergency resources from this important Coachella Valley service organization. www.JFSDesert.org