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040: Top Tip Thursday, Entrepreneurs and Sustainability with Mariska Nell
Episode 406th December 2018 • Mama Earth Talk • Mariska Nell
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In this episode, I am talking with a few entrepreneurs at the Sharjah Entrepreneur Festival about the role that entrepreneurs play in sustainability. 

Some of the entrepreneurs included: 

Tom Otton, Vishen Lakhiani, Alex Stifler, Dave Crane, Martin Scholtz, Salem Ahmed and Paris Norriss.

Episode Highlights

When we look at the current trend of entrepreneurs and the rate of entrepreneurs popping, what are your thoughts on this?

[01:28] Alex Stifler, Instagram, Youtube

There is a lot of entrepreneur wannabes.

You can not build the pyramids of Egypt starting with the top blocks, you have to start from the beginning. You have to build and build till you get there.


[02:44] Dave Crane. LinkedIn Instagram

Everybody has got to think about themselves as a brand.


[04:11] Martin Scholtz, Instagram

Entrepreneurship is about failing and learning and being persistent in the long turn.


[04:35] Salem Ahmed, Instagram

It is important to know who you are and why you are in it.


[06:00] Paris Norriss, Instagram

Entrepreneurship is what creates jobs.


[06:42] Tom Otton, InstagramCreate Media Group Instagram

It is not going to be the large corporations that are going to be around in twenty to fifty years that are actually going to change the face of all industries. It is actually going to be entrepreneurship. It is going to be innovation and it is going to be the smaller companies that conduct a move more agile.


[09:21] The second question was about sustainability. There are more and more start-ups and entrepreneurs coming up with innovative ideas where they try to solve issues around the environment that they might be facing in their daily lives or an issue that is close to their hearts. What are your thoughts on that?


[09:38] Alex Stifler, Instagram, Youtube

Recycling and sustainability should be as cool as entrepreneurship right now.


[10:07] Dave Crane. LinkedIn

They realise that this is their world and therefore we need to look after it a lot better.


[11:04] Martin Scholtz, Instagram

They have the biggest challenge because you don’t get funds or finances for it and nobody really feels responsible for however we harm the environment.


[11:37] Salem Ahmed, Instagram

I see people till today throwing trash just on the floor you know as if the whole world is just our trash, but we need to change our perception of this planet. It is our home and I think the people that are working hard to create products that are eco-friendly, sustainable they are really impacting this planet in a positive way.


[12:39] Paris Norriss, Instagram

In the past, we looked at these problems as charity and that was a dead cause because that meant we had to realise money.


[14:12] Tom Otton, InstagramCreate Media Group Instagram

Anybody with a mobile phone can now have a business.


[15:35] There were some really amazing startups at the event and two that I would love to mention but will be telling you more about them both in some of the upcoming episodes as well. They are BluePhin and The Concept.


[16:16] So if there are any of you crazy birds that are thinking of spreading your wings and start your own venture here are some advice from Dave, Paris, Tom and Vishen Lakhiani.


[16:28] Dave Crane. LinkedIn

Take some risks.


[17:35] Paris Norriss, Instagram

Don’t sit on the fence.


[18:11] Tom Otton, InstagramCreate Media Group Instagram

Actually starting


[18:45] Vishen Lakhiani, Instagram

Find a business where you love what you do so much that even if you didn’t get paid to do that, you would do it anyway.


If you might have wondered who the Gary some of the people were referring to, was one of the keynote speakers, Gary Vaynerchuk, Instagram. He is also the best entrepreneur in the world and the handsome man in the photo in the centre standing next to me.


Key Take Away

“Anybody with a mobile phone can now have a business.”

It is for sure a lot easier to be an entrepreneur with technology on our side. Getting your side hustle on and being able to make a steady income from your passion is getting more accessible. You would be able to start your business from right where you are. If you are passionate about the environment it has become a lot easier to take this passion and turn it into a sustainable income, but you would have to put in the work as well.



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