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258 Emotional Eating When Food Is Comfort – Simon
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258 Emotional Eating When Food Is Comfort – Simon

A Deeper Dive into Dieting, Food & Emotional Eating

Julie M. Simon, MA, MBA, LMFT, is a licensed psychotherapist and life coach with twenty-seven+ years of experience helping overeaters and imbalanced eaters stop dieting, curb emotional eating, heal their relationships with themselves and their bodies, lose excess weight - and keep it off.

A lifelong fitness enthusiast, she is also a certified personal trainer with over twenty-five years of experience designing exercise and nutrition programs for various populations. Julie is also the founder and director of the popular Los Angeles-based Twelve-Week Emotional Eating Recovery Program, which offers an alternative to dieting by addressing the mind, body, and spirit imbalances underlying overeating. Her professional experience with and personal journey through childhood trauma, weight challenges, and body, brain, and spiritual shortcomings led to the creation of this successful twelve-week program.

Simon's Neuroscience Perspective - With Answers

Current brain science shows that a lack of consistent emotional nurturance in infancy and childhood, when the brain is forming, can result in difficulties with self-regulation. Demonstrating via extensive personal and client-based experience, Simon offers a comprehensive, step-by-step mindfulness program designed to rewire the brain and end overindulging once and for all.

Simon's Magnificent Seven

In her book, When Food Is Comfort, Simon offers seven powerful mindfulness skills that constitute a practice she calls inner nurturing, which are designed to rewire the brain and end overindulging once and for all. Rather than feeling enslaved to their favorite foods, readers will experience, first hand, that their real source of comfort - all discussed in this interview.

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Thanks to Julie for again joining us here at CBJ to review your observations and research about the new neuroscientifically-based challenges with food, neurotransmitters, and childhood trauma.


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