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Episode 7: How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Per Month By Freelancing With Gina Horkey
14th September 2016 • Breakthrough Success • Marc Guberti
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Today, we are joined today by Gina Horkey, a freelancer who has broken away from the constraints of a typical day job to work for herself very successfully. Gina joins Marc to talk about the journey from a career in personal finance to going solo, all while raising her two kids at the same time.

Gina and Marc discuss all manner of topics relating to her journey. Listen in to find out how Gina started out her freelance writing at 5 cents per word and has scaled it up to 50 cents per word, and thousands a month in revenue. We discover Gina’s determination to succeed, and her motivation to provide for her family. 

In this episode, Gina discussed how to find and pitch to clients and how she hires and pays her own employees, Gina shares such valuable information for entrepreneurs and freelancers alike, who are trying to find their own breakthrough. Tune in to get the low down on all things freelance.


Key Links from the Show: - Gina’s Website and Blog -  Useful web tool for email subscribers -Gina’s Twitter



- Hire help before you are ready

- How to use your niche to your advantage

- Spend 90% of your time finding clients

- Gina’s advice for entrepreneurs

- Gina’s 3 tips for freelancers