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The Content 10x Podcast - Amy Woods EPISODE 110, 21st November 2019
Content Repurposing & When Less is Not More!
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Content Repurposing & When Less is Not More!

Consistently creating quality content will help you to reach your target audience and ultimately grow your business. It’s not to be overlooked, but coming up with the topic for your next video, blog post, podcast episode…etc can sometimes be challenging, even for the most prolific of content creators!

A mistake that I see a lot of people make is that they share too much all at once, missing the opportunity to make their content ideas go so much further.

I help you avoid falling into the pitfall of creating long and densely packed pieces of content that will send your audience into a slumber. I look to the world of wizardry and wine to prove that sometimes, more is more.

Find out about:

  • How to make your content ideas go further
  • How to leave your audience wanting more
  • How creating more in depth content can be better than single ‘epic’ pieces 

You can read the full blog post and podcast episode here