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481: Making Quantum Leaps In Your LGBTQ Relationship – Jennifer and Stephanie PageWise
Episode 4818th September 2021 • Life (UN)Closeted: LGBTQ & Heterosexual Coming Out Stories & Advice for coming out of life's closets! • Rick Clemons - Bold Move Expert & Coming Out Coach
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Relationships are wonderful and ho hum. Loving and conflicted. Easy and challenging. Then add a dose of being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, polyamorous, or any of the other sexual orientations, gender identities or ways of being in a committed relationship, and the plot thickens. Or does it have to? Bring their own unique sense for awakening relationships to make quantum leaps of success - regardless of your sexual orientation, gender identity, or form of your intimate relationship, Jennifer and Stephanie PageWise want your intimate partnerships to thrive - using three primary pillars. Listen as they guide us to be open to their formula for creating a relationship that is grounded in learning, loving, and leaning into the unknown.

About Jennifer and Stephanie

Jennifer and Stephanie PageWise are Quantum Relationship Coaches who work with the LGBTQ+ community.  Their mission is to bring more love to the world, one relationship at a time.  They focus on creating holy relationships through teaching self-love, boundaries and communication.  They have been married for a year and have been through the wringer in their relationship: They met, disability occurred, they broke up, found their Authentic Self based in their Spiritual Path and then found their way back to a solid, healthy, loving relationship.   They have identified the major components that go wrong in relationships and have developed tools to help people learn the ways to have true intimacy and build rock-solid relationships.

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