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Bridging the African Diaspora via Entrepreneurship and Real Estate x Dawn Dickson | S6 Ep.7
Episode 74th July 2024 • The Sound of Accra Podcast • Adrian Daniels
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In this episode, Adrian sits down with the incredible Dawn Dickson who has been building companies for 23 years; A 6-time founder, entrepreneur, speaker and real estate investor, sharing her journey and passion for building bridges between the diaspora and Africa, particularly Ghana.

We discussed:

  • The booming real estate market in Accra
  • The cultural renaissance, and the business opportunities awaiting in Ghana
  • Dawn's insights on investing, navigating the real estate landscape, and creating a bi-continental lifestyle
  • Dawn's very successful Smart Vending Machine company, Popcom


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Today's episode show notes

Timestamps / Topics

00:00 Intro

04:38 Dawns passion for Africa

07:27 Lagos always present, chose Ghana for connections.

10:15 Popcom: Innovative vending machine integrates digital technology.

14:31 US citizen residing in Ghana, seeking dual life.

16:31 Choosing expertise over location for professional focus.

21:59 Helping others invest and avoid scams.

23:41 Ghanaians own land

27:46 Outro

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