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INVESTTHIS - Scott Bower 15th August 2019
INVESTTHIS EP 76: Generating Cash Flow with Note Investing
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INVESTTHIS EP 76: Generating Cash Flow with Note Investing

Any investor who wants to earn monthly cash flow can do so by purchasing cash flowing notes without having to deal with toilets, trash, termites, and tenants. -Dave Franecki

I did a show a couple of weeks ago that covered note investing, and the feedback was phenomenal. That’s when I decided to do a deep dive, with a 30+ year investing veteran, and Note Investor of the Year award recipient, Dave Franecki.

On today’s show, we deep dive on note investing, which includes how to use your 401K, how to analyze the equity, and why performing notes are the way to go. We also discussed some other interesting topics. Everyone is talking about a potential turn in the market, and Dave provides a fascinating insight on how to predict a downturn. Additionally, we discuss steps to take to protect yourself in a down market and still have great cash flow.

Tip of the Day:

It's not about the deal, it's about the deal-maker. -Dave Franecki

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