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Scaling Digital Marketing: From a Single Agency to a Franchise Model with Karen Hite Ep 113
Episode 11328th March 2023 • Fascinating Entrepreneurs • Natasha Miller
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Karen Hite is Co-Owner of Hite Digital and Operations Director at Master Hackers. Her commitment is to help established business owners find clarity so they can focus on revenue generating activities and their pursuit of a fulfilling balanced life. She and her husband started their digital marketing agency which is one of the first (if not the only) Franchise Model Digital Marketing Agency with now 19 franchise locations in the US and over 170 employees. Their mission is to generate 1,000 jobs in Nicaragua through their agency, inner circle and various businesses. 


Originally from Nicaragua, I was blessed to get a full ride scholarship to study my bachelor degree in the US. After graduation, my desire was to go back to my country to give back and become a source of change in my community. I focused my professional career in helping organize and automate processes for INC 500 agencies through CRM implementations of systems like Salesforce, Hubspot and more. I now focus my attention in helping agency owners find quick and effective solutions that allow them to speed up their growth and allow them to scale their businesses. 

My passion is in connecting business owners through our inner circle where we support our agencies through masterminds, virtual training sessions and premium agency concierge. I devote myself to my family and businesses, and find great joy in supporting other female entrepreneurs looking to make an impact. I believe we are stronger together.

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