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SEAN TUCKER - How We Can Derive Meaning In Our Lives From Making and Creating
14th October 2021 • Guild of Dads: The Home of Dadprovement • Joe Horton
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Today I speak to photographer, film maker, author and philosopher Sean Tucker about his new book The Meaning in The Making (The How and Why Behind Our Human Need to Create)

We all like to make stuff and there is nothing like the satisfaction of sitting back and admiring something that we have just completed. But sometimes we don't sit back and admire it, often it can be a struggle, and it often doesn't go to plan. Often we will suffer from perfectionism and not see the inherent beauty and meaning in the creative process. However that doesn't mean to say that meaning is not there.

And that's what todays episode is about.

In my conversation with Sean.

  • How a chance opportunity to take some time out in Snowdonia to make a video documentary gave him the necessary space to share how he got stuff more wrong than right with people
  • The way in which cataloguing the ups and downs of his creative journey resonated with people.
  • Why building some space away from our normal environment is essential to recharge our creative batteries and inspiration
  • How creating things enables us to sculpt, mould, hammer and document order from the chaos of the world
  • Why perfectionism holds some people back from just putting work out into the world for others to see and the power of trial and error

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