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The Quash - Legalman EPISODE 35, 24th September 2020
"We" don't have a side in Govt or Media
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"We" don't have a side in Govt or Media

In this episode I show you that freedom loving people who don't like govt do NOT ACTUALLY have a side in either the govt or in the media. The people who claim to be, are just PRETENDERS. There has been total LOCKSTEP with the official corona narrative at every level of govt. What is the explanation for that? Simple, they are all in on it together. And your "conservative" media types? They don't EVER challenge ANY of the fundamental official govt narratives. I go through a huge list of events that SHOULD have woken them to the lies govt tells. But NOTHING ever does. They just argue in their silly box about the Fed, the civil war, war on terror, Waco, go down the list. They are NOT on our side. They are propagandists for the state. It is clear as day. Until people understand this situation they will continue to be misled imagining "their guy" is on "their side".

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