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Assertive Radiance - Nadia Fleury | Alchemist EPISODE 133, 10th August 2020
133 - Are You Afraid to Fail?
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133 - Are You Afraid to Fail?

We dream of accomplishing things, but a week or a month passes, and the tasks are still not done. Life seems to just get in the way. 

The reality is that to achieve anything requires effort. But where to find the energy to start?

The first step to living a fulfilled life is to believe you can do it. To start even though you don’t know-how.

Starting something new breaks the habits of procrastination. Remember, inactivity atrophy the mind. The more you do, the more you get excited because you start seeing your idea becoming a reality.  As you progress, you gain experience and confidence.  This feeling is infectious.  It arouses you to keep ongoing.

Listen in as I share tricks on how to stimulate your mind to get you started so that you can achieve your dream life.