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Summit Up - Get Level Podcast Network EPISODE 1, 30th March 2020
We Were Born to Reign
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We Were Born to Reign

Welcome, everyone, to the new Summit Up podcast. We're coming to you from The Summit Dover in Dover, Ohio. Pastor Rob Coburn sits down with his co-hosts, Kyle and Josh, to discuss Kingdom Keys and how they apply to our lives in the world today.

The most important Kingdom Key is our relationship with God. Religion, in many ways, has steered us away from the relationship aspect of our faith, and it's time we shift our focus back to our walk with God.

So join us each episode as we explore the relationship with God and discover our destiny here on Earth. If religion gives you more questions than answers, you've come to the right place.

In this episode, Pastor Rob kicks off Summit Up with the understanding that we were all born for a purpose. We were all born to reign. God created every person with a destiny, and now it's our job to realize our dreams and ask Him to guide us toward them.

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