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Please, Finish Your Book! - John P Smith Jr 13th April 2016
003: Diane Gardner | Stop Overpaying Your Taxes
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003: Diane Gardner | Stop Overpaying Your Taxes

Diane Gardner: Stop Overpaying Your Taxes_11 Ways Entrepreneurs Overpay and How to Stop It Now!
Diane Gardner is an expert tax coach, and best-selling author whose proactive planning approach gives clients a leg up on Uncle Sam. Diane saves small business clients between $3,000 and $50,000 in as little as 60 minutes! She also has some great advice on finishing a book. Listen in on our conversation.

The Book
Some items we discussed…
Tax Coach… For entrepreneurs and small business owners … Contains Stories … Some lose money based on the wrong entity type …  Tax Preparation … Tax Projection … However, Proactive Tax planning could save from $3000 to $50,000 a year… New entrepreneurs normally don’t realize how much they can write off… CTC (Certified Tax Coach) … RAP Session…

Break 1: Hello Future and current published authors, this is John P. So what did you think about that new addition to the show… The RAP session, which stands for “Read A Portion”. I added that because I know that many authors love to have book readings to share their works. So some of the upcoming episodes will have RAPpers… Well, authors that RAP by reading a Portion of their book. Sometimes a Paragraph, however no more than a Page. Do you like it? Yes or No? Tell me what you think. Go to pleasefinishyourbook.com/polls to vote yes or No. Thank You. Now back to the show!

The Author
Some items we discussed…
Northern Idaho mining community … Put herself through college … Wanted to be an accountant … Loves to read … Read 1000’s of books … Certified Tax Coach … Book The Go-Giver.

Break 2: Hello Future and current published authors, this is John P. again. Did you notice the new black box on the home page at pleasefinishyourbook.com? It says, “How-To” instructions for Subscribing, Rating, and Reviewing via iTunes, iPhone or iPad. If you click it, it’ll take you to the written step-by-step instructions, which is an alternative to the watching the videos. I need your 5-star ratings and reviews for this podcast just once. So would you do me that favor? Thank You in advance. Now back to Diane Gardner.

The Mindset
Some items we discussed…
I’m a numbers person not a word person but I had to overcome those excuses and get it done … It was hard to find enough time to get it written in 60 days …  Free book, “10 most expensive Tax Mistakes that Cost You Thousands” … Would love to block out more time to write … Commit to writing a chapter by a certain date, then keep repeating over and over … Don’t ever give up!

Thank You for finishing your book Diane, and Thank You for sharing it with the world. If you want more information on Diane Gardner and her Book “Stop Overpaying Your Taxes!!” check out the links in the show notes or go to pleasefinishyourbook.com/003  Take it away Erica!


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