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Thriving on Purpose Podcast - Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard 27th May 2020
Kingdomizing Your ” Why ”

Kingdomizing Your ” Why ”

Understanding the difference between your purpose and your ' Why '



If you’ve been a Kingdom entrepreneur for a while, you’ve probably heard about the importance of finding your ‘ Why ’, right?


Also, in entrepreneurial circles, you’ve probably heard the following lingo:


“Have you found your ‘ Why’ ?” 




“If your why doesn’t make you cry… it’s not your why.”


A recent interview we watched with ‘Why’ and leadership expert Simon Sinek got us to mastermind everything a Kingdom expander should know about their ‘Why’, and then some.


This episode is our musing and conclusions about the very important subject of finding your why.



Memorable Quotes:


“You can still find your why without God, but you will not only serve the wrong kingdom, but you’ll end up serving the wrong people, or serving the right people in the wrong way.”


“You can teach people how to find their ‘why’ without ever mentioning God once.”


“You can find your why outside of God, but you cannot find your purpose outside of God.”


“God uses the different seasons in your life to season you.” ~ Elisabeth Richard


“When resources such as money find themselves in the right hands a lot of good can happen for the Kingdom.” ~ Elisabeth Richard


“There is no calling without a caller.” ~ Os Guiness


“If you’ve found your ‘Why’ apart from God, it should make you cry.” ~ Sebastien Richard