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The Optimistic Advocate - Scott Bryant-Comstock EPISODE 13, 17th January 2021
Special Announcement – The Kundalini Chronicles Gets Its Own Podcast!
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Special Announcement – The Kundalini Chronicles Gets Its Own Podcast!

This is Scott Bryant-Comstock with the Optimistic Advocate podcast and the Kundalini Chronicles podcast. Wait, wait, what? Two podcasts?


I made the decision to split out the Kundalini Chronicles, which has pretty much dominated the last almost 30 episodes of the Optimistic Advocate podcast,

For those of you who are interested in just focusing on my experiences with awakening, and the lessons learned from that, but more importantly tips and strategies for your own personal self development, you will want to visit The Kundalini Chronicles.

The Kundalini Chronicles podcast is available on just about every podcast player there is whether it's Apple, Spotify, Google, just go into your podcast player of choice, type in the Kundalini Chronicles, it'll bring it up, hit the subscribe button, and you are good to go.

And then the Optimistic Advocate podcast will stay true to its original focus on interviews with some pretty amazing advocates from around the United States and actually around the world. We've been branching out and doing some really fine interviews. We have just a stack of interviews ready to go. We'll start rolling those out next week.

To subscribe to the Kundalini Chronicles: (We will add more host providers as they populate the show)


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