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BTM103: Now Is The Time To Do Billions with Lee Kearney
16th April 2019 • Before the Millions • Daray Olaleye: Real Estate Investor and Business Coach
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Lee Kearney is one of the nation’s most active and successful single-family real estate investors, having flipped over 7500 houses in the last decade, totaling over $500 million in property. Lee is known as the leading expert in understanding and leveraging real estate market cycles. Today, Lee has the his sights set on billions as he diversifies his interests.

On today\'s show, Lee and I discuss to powerful effects of mentorship and how you can find and approach your next mentor. Lee has been on the front lines of flipping homes, and his passion and expertise come into play as he inspires and educates real estate investors. This doesn\'t come without time restrictions so Lee and I also discuss time blocking and scheduling time to help people but more importantly scheduling time for family.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Lee has done 7,500 deals+ and counting
  • How to find and work with your 1st mentor
  • When you should protect your time
  • Lee\'s massive goal of becoming a billionaire


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