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042: Ego, Fear And Making Difficult Normal With Sean Croxton
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042: Ego, Fear And Making Difficult Normal With Sean Croxton

Dealing with Ego, Fear and Making Difficult Normal

Here are some the things you will learn from SeanĀ in this episode:

  • How he got his entrepreneurial start at a young age
  • Why he refers to himself as "The World's Biggest Nerd"
  • Why books have been a huge part of his life
  • How the book "The One Thing" helped him build success on two different platforms
  • The power in focusing your mind on one task
  • Learn how Sean gets his audience to know like and trust him and his podcvast guests
  • Sean's believe about doubling down on your strengths vs working on your weaknesses
  • The power of focusing on one thing in your business
  • The importance of identifying what your gifts are
  • How Sean discovered his greatness when he started his online business
  • The importance of facing the unknown
  • Why you must have faith and belief in yourself to succeed
  • How to overcome the fear of what other's think about you
  • Tomorrow never comes and why you need to do things now!
  • The power of focusing on helping others
  • One of the most powerful Laws of the Universe
  • Creators vs Haters
  • The importance of attention and your energy
  • The power of focusing on things greater than yourself
  • The power in claiming your Greatness!
  • Why you should not compare yourself to others
  • Why being uncomfortable is necessary
  • Realizing the journey doesn't happen overnight
  • How intuition has been a big part of Sean's success
  • Discerning between the voice of Intuition and the voice of Fear
  • Experiencing the Imposter Syndrom
  • Why we all are affected by Cognitive Dissonance
  • Dealing with the voice of the Ego
  • The importance of the prefrontal cortex
  • How to develop a positive Money Mindset
  • and much, much more...


Resources Mentioned:

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Sean Croxton's website

Sean's JERF Bars

Sean's Facebook Page

Sean's Instagram Page

Mel Robbins book "The 5 Second Rule"

Dr. Pillay's book "Life Unlocked"

Eric Barker's book "Barking Up The Wrong Tree"

Think and Grow Rich

Danielle LaPorte "White Hot Truth"

Dr. Sara Gottfried

Marie Forleo B-School