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19 - Coronavirus Craziness and Our Stomach Sickness Stories
Episode 194th February 2020 • Not So Bon Voyage Travel Podcast • Jules Hatfield and Christine Williams
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The Coronavirus is all over the news and it’s really throwing the travel industry for a loop! On this episode we chat about stories of travelers who are stuck in China or can’t get to their travel destinations because of the Coronavirus. We also discuss whether we would travel to China right now or we’d give it a miss.

Then we recount our own epic travel tales of getting sick on the road. Christine tells the story of the time she got the Norovirus on the flight down to Brazil. She had to deal with this stomach bug for two weeks on her own while backpacking South America. This story involves lots of stomach pain, a green apple and a Brazilian body builder who offers Christine a foot massage.

Then Jules tells his story of getting food poisoning from some street-side grilled fish. Instead of checking into a decent hotel with air conditioning, we ended up staying at the crappiest (literally) hostel of all time with a disgusting shared bathroom. Listen up to hear all the gory details!

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