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Your Confident Self - Allegra M. Sinclair EPISODE 2
Why Skipping Transition Steps Tastes Nasty
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Why Skipping Transition Steps Tastes Nasty

Transitions usually follow 6 steps. If you attempt to skip any of those steps you will be frustrated and you will delay the point when you will actually reach your goal. The steps of transformation will not be mocked--you must walk through them all to make lasting change. And we don’t want to make changes that don’t survive a season, do we?

Ask the gym owner who couldn’t sleep in January but is lonely now because all of the ‘temporary’ changes have been forgotten.

As you prepare to begin your transformation journey, I want you to be realistic about your level of readiness and prepare to be successful. Skipping transition steps taste nasty, just like skipping the salt when making a cake. Be realistic about what you need to do to transform.

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