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The Matter of Self-Esteem
Episode 10320th July 2021 • Love In Your Life • Dolah Saleh
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Whether we are selecting the right career path, or choosing the most suitable life partner, it's best that we have a high self-esteem. How we feel about ourselves, how we value ourselves, forms the backdrop for our self-awareness. It also influences our decision-making, so we can understand how feeling positive about our self opens up possibilities to choosing in accordance with that positivity. When we make choices from a perspective of self-concern and self-love, there is a greater likelihood that we end up happy and successful. In other words, when we love ourselves, we are more likely to choose appropriately and honor our true selves.

To be clear, it is a personal choice. We can choose to love ourselves, which then in turn assists us in making good decisions. And we deserve that. We ought not deprive ourselves of this right--self-respect and self-love is both our right and our responsibility.