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Smashing the Plateau - David Shriner-Cahn EPISODE 503, 8th December 2019
Make your Marketing Simple Featuring Lori Lyons
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Make your Marketing Simple Featuring Lori Lyons

Lori Lyons is the owner of Ignite Marketing and the creator of the online program Make Your Marketing Simple. 

We discuss:

  • What has changed in marketing over the centuries [2:07]
  • How to make marketing simple [3:30]
  • The person who is not ready to retire [5:07]
  • Know where you’re going [8:52]
  • Living the mantra of being healthy and being ageless [9:53]
  • If YouTube has a video on it, you can be an expert on it [13:47]
  • If you don’t start, it will never be perfect [18:53]

Lori leverages her 35+ years of business experience as a trusted partner, helping small business owners navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape and transform their businesses. 

Learn more about Lori at http://www.ignitingyourbusiness.comLinkedInTwitterInstagram and Facebook.

Brief Description of Gift

A worksheet on three marketing shifts you can make that will provide immediate difference in your bottom line for your business

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