#118 Stepping from Management into Leadership with Tony Stead
Episode 11810th October 2022 • MeetMyPotential • Deepa Natarajan
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As a highly driven person, you are so good at problem solving. And most likely, you have been promoted again and again because you get things done, you achieve and solve the problems at hand. But at a certain point, these problem solving traits do not help you get to the next level. So, are you ready to take your leadership to the next level? 

Today Deepa speaks with Tony Stead from Airbus Defence and Space about stepping into Leadership. It’s important to acknowledge the different mindset that is needed between management and leadership - leadership requires letting go and building collective responsibility. Let’s move from management into leadership!

Tony’s Tips for Stepping into Leadership:

  • As a manager, you can be great at all the doing, problem-solving. Leadership is more about stepping back and reflecting - seeing the whole picture. 
  • When you are growing within your company, the way to stand out is to deliver results. When you are promoted to a higher leader, you have to focus less on delivering as an individual and focus more on the bigger picture and delegating to your team. Leadership is about letting go.
  • Leaders need to focus on the problems of tomorrow instead of problems of today. 
  • Making the transition from management to leadership is much like going from a parent to a grandparent. 
  • Leadership is about finding the needle in the haystack. It isn’t about knowing everything. 
  • You can’t lead with buzz words. You will lose connection with your team.

We hope you liked this episode! Let us know - where are you getting stuck between moving from management to leadership? And where are you succeeding at becoming a leader? 

Please feel free to connect with Tony and Deepa through LinkedIn to continue the conversation.

About Tony 

Tony Stead is currently based in Munich working for Airbus Defence and Space. He has been working within the Middle East and Europe for the last 15 years. He focuses on the agility of the team, the agility of the business and the agility of the project to improve our operational effectiveness and ways of engaging the stakeholder community. Tony is also a Fellow at the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Thanks for listening and stay cool! 

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