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This is Richardson - Tiffany Norris EPISODE 8, 19th December 2019
Pure Barre Richardson
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Pure Barre Richardson

As we head into the new year, health and fitness resolutions are on the minds of many. So we thought this would be a good time to air our interview with Adrienne Marshall, who is the owner of Pure Barre Richardson.

I discovered Pure Barre about five years ago over in Fort Worth, and, since then, it has been my absolute favorite workout. Even though I don't get into the studio as often as I'd like, it's still one of my favorite ways to treat myself.

So if you have some health and fitness goals for the new year (or anytime really), I highly recommend Pure Barre. It's challenging without feeling like you're punishing your body. And if you listen all the way to the end, you'll catch a discount if you want to check it out.

Oh, and you can get 10 percent off of packages if you let Pure Barre Richardson know you heard about them on the podcast.

We're also hoping to feature more local franchises. That mix between the national and local can be really interesting. So, if you own a franchise and would like to be interviewed for the podcast, reach out to us at ThisIsRichardson.com.

Or let us know if you tried Pure Barre. I feel confident you'll love it.


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