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2. How To Use Content Honey Traps On Social Media To Double Your Downloads
Episode 24th April 2022 • Grow My Podcast Show • Deirdre Tshien
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This episode is for you if you are feeling: 

  • Frustrated by the lack of ROI you’re getting from recording and publishing your podcast (you’re not alone!) 
  • Doubtful that repurposing your podcast episodes into clips to promote on social media is moving the dial (it isn’t!) 
  • Unsure about how to get more listeners, leads and sales from your podcast 

Deirdre will cover her framework - Content Honey Traps 🍯 - that uses your podcast content to COMPEL your dreamiest clients to follow you from your social media to your podcast and to your conversion event… so that you have a consistent stream of buyers waiting to throw their credit cards at you! 

You will learn: 

  • The biggest mistake you’re making when promoting your podcast 
  • How (and the psychology behind why!) Content Honey Traps work 
  • 4 Content Honey Trap Tools that High Ticket Coaches and Consultants like you can use for your podcast today 


Get the Cheat Sheet on the 4 Content Honey Trap Tools discussed in today’s episode here 

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