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CH Bonus: Alternative PD Options for Teachers
11th April 2022 • Always A Lesson's Empowering Educators Podcast • Gretchen Bridgers | Education Podcast Network
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Covid has shaken things up in classrooms everywhere, but maybe it is time to shake up professional development as well! We invited multiple instructional coaches to talk about alternative formats for professional development, and how to get away from the one-hour passive meeting that so many of us have found ourselves trapped in. One thing that everyone can agree on, is that teachers don’t need one more thing added to their plate. We can still provide meaningful, authentic learning opportunities that get teachers excited to go back to the classroom each day. Listen in on this Clubhouse Chat where our guest educator – Kimberly – shares her ideas on how you can shake up your professional development, and get teachers excited about learning!


  • It’s not that teachers don’t want to stay current or learn, but that they are so overwhelmed and overworked, that their brains can’t take in any new learning.
  • Sitting for an hour does not equate to an hour of learning - make your time together come alive and be full of authentic learning opportunities.
  • Be an advocate for teachers and see if any current responsibilities can be put on pause for now.
  • Create actionable, bite-sized learning opportunities.
  • Get to know your staff and what works for them; not everyone wants less. Don’t stop those teachers who are eager to learn!
  • Maximize PD without putting more on teacher’s plates.

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