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88 - 3 Mindfulness Exercises For Anger Management
Episode 887th July 2024 • Anger Secrets • Alastair Duhs
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Do you struggle to control your anger? Have you tried to control your anger but still feel overwhelmed and out of control? Do you want to learn practical exercises based on the principles of mindfulness to help you control your temper ?

If you answered "Yes to any of these questions, in today's episode of the Anger Secrets Podcast, host Alastair Duhs describes into three powerful mindfulness exercises designed to help you manage anger more effectively. From deep breathing techniques to mindful observation, these exercises are practical tools you can use anytime, anywhere.

But remember, professional guidance is essential for long-term anger management! Tune in and take the first step towards a calmer, more controlled you!

Free Resources:

Visit for a range of free resources tailored to help you control your anger. Whether it's a free assessment call or downloadable guides, you'll find valuable tools to support your journey towards effective anger management.

Time Stamps:

-0:00 Introduction to Anger Management

-01:11 Understanding Mindfulness

-01:55 Benefits of Mindfulness for Anger Management

-03:45 Exercise 1: Deep Breathing

-05:28 Exercise 2: Body Scan Meditation

-07:50 Exercise 3: Mindful Observation

09:24 Conclusion and Next Steps




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