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Real Life Weight Loss - Corey Little EPISODE 68, 28th August 2020
Five Core Beliefs That Could Change Your Life
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Five Core Beliefs That Could Change Your Life

Someone recently asked me to list my key weight loss principles. After some thought, I condensed everything down to my 5 core beliefs. These are the core values that guide everything you hear on this podcast, how I coach people, and ultimately the way I approach life!

I believe if you’ll embrace and implement what I share today, you’ll achieve more weight loss success and enjoy life more than ever. You’re going to learn …

  • The foundation that everything builds on
  • Why vital must-have ingredient for success that's so easy to ignore
  • The boring, but powerful source of nearly all of our problems
  • One simple concept that allows you to truly have it all
  • A negative pattern you can get sucked into before you know it
  • THE thing that all of us really want, but don’t even realize

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