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A New Year and A New Me – Michael Signorelli pt 2
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A New Year and A New Me – Michael Signorelli pt 2

A New Year and A New You

Mike Signorelli pt 1

We hear the phrase all of the time, “A new year and a new you.” You will see it in advertising. You will see it in coaching programs. You will see it gym membership commercials. There is something about the new year that symbolizes that special moment when “old things are passes away and behold, all things have become new,” from 2 Corinthians 5:17.My guest today is the pastor of “V1 Church” in New York City. He has written an e-book by the name, “A New Year and A New Me,” which we will discuss today and  he is the host of the “Mike Signorelli Podcast.”

You have an amazing website. I love the way it looks and it is so interactive. What kind of resources can a visitor find on your website?

Let’s talk about your book for a minute.

The new year always focuses on “new year resolutions.” Losing weight. New career choices, etc. How do you explain this in your book, “New Year, New Me?”

We need to surround ourselves with people who are better than us. The old cliché, “You can’t fly with the eagles if you hang around with a bunch of turkey’s” is true. How can you share that inspiration with people who do not want to offend their friends, even if they are a bad influence?

I love your podcast. I’ve listened to some of your episodes. One of the things I listened to was a question you were asked, “How can we find our purpose?” You emphasized finding the faults in your character and working on them. How can someone do that in the hustle and bustle of life?

One thing I heard you say was about Steve Jobs. How he believed, “If someone goes to the moon, why can’t I.” How does that relate to how you motivate others to take action on their goals?

How did your physical therapy for your back issue motivate you to help others with the “physical therapy” for their life?

One thing I heard that really caught my attention was something that happened outside of a rest room. Tell me about the prayer line that formed in front of a rest room and how that can be used to motivate someone to pray, no matter where they are at.

How do you use social media to grow your brand and your influence?

Mike, this is so interesting to me. I know our listeners are getting a lot of value from your perspective on these things. If someone wants to get more information on you, ask a question, if they want to get a copy of your book or maybe to do an interview such as this, how can they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

Folks, Pastor Mike Signorelli is the real deal. You can tell from our conversation that he is there for you! He is grounded in the Word. He is passionate about helping others. I mean, to open a church in New York City, you have to be passionate and persistent, amen! If you are in the NYC area, reach out to Pastor Mike, visit his church. If you are needing someone to look at the overall trend of your business, your life and your direction, even if you are not in the NYC area, reach out to Mike via the links down below.

Request your copy of his book. You need to decide right now that 2020 is going to be a year of growth. A year of change. A year of serving the Lord in whatever your calling is in life.


Email: mike@v1.church

Website: www.mikesignorelli.com

Website: www.v1.church