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Creating Lifetime Customers - Brittany Schindler [RR 684]
Episode 68415th October 2021 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Brittany Schindler, GM of her father’s shop in Rod’s Japanese Auto Care in Bellingham, WA for over 10 years. She loves working at the shop and being able to help people every day. Brittany has learned so much over the years by going to classes with great trainers and having a great business coach. One of her main focuses is to raise the standard of the automotive service and repair industry.

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Key Talking Points

  • No prices over the phone- This can be challenging at first. Giving prices can be wrong or misleading depending on the vehicle. Instead explain why prices can vary, ask them to come in first, explain warranty, DVI’s, rental cars, etc. Vet the customer- are they looking for the cheapest price? Not every customer is right for your business.
  • Performing the best digital inspections so your customers don't have to google anything and be consistent. Continue to simplify the writing so someone who doesn’t know anything about cars can understand and learn about their vehicle. Add “what happens if you don’t do XYZ” Write and edit inspections/customer reviews with your whole team for team buy-in.
  • Getting customers to fix their "old" cars- list pros and cons of getting new/used cars. Make the investment and let them know the vehicle will be maintained properly, the laundry list won’t grow and be behind.
  • Selling Maintenance- oil changes, fluid changes etc. It is an easy win once everyone has to buy in for selling maintenance. Educate customers on why fluid changes are important. Cheaper to change fluid than change apart
  • Making customers feel confident about repairs- texting DVI, lifetime warranty, “what to expect” card at dropoffs

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