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282: Wade Maggert – Breaking Free and Practicing Self-Love
Episode 28221st June 2024 • 40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk. • Rick Clemons
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Happy Pride. That's what today's guest said over the pounding beat of his DJing life for many years. The thrill, the fun, the drugs, the sex. It all made him feel desired and to speak, until it didn't. Then he woke to the truth that to be desired and loved, he had to do that to and for himself. Dr. Wade Maggert, brings his Buddhist sensibilities and practical awakened self to this candid conversation about his life, then and now, and shares how during this Pride Season, you can find yourself when you simply look within.

About Wade

Dr. Wade Maggert, esteemed mental health expert and advocate, harbors a past as vibrant as his current professional pursuits. Before his doctoral days, the world knew him as DJ Ra, spinning tracks in the most electrifying gay nightclubs across global capitals. His journey through the highs of fame was a prelude to personal transformation. Encountering the consequences of an intense lifestyle led him to therapy, revealing the scars of an anti-gay upbringing. Embracing self-love marked the beginning of his dedication to mental health, inspiring a profound shift from electrifying dance floors to empowering lives in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. With a Master of Social Work from UNLV and a groundbreaking PhD in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, Dr. Maggert has pioneered research into the depths of the masculine psyche. As an educator and a seasoned practitioner, his mastery extends from academia to the frontlines of mental health advocacy. His specializations in advanced therapeutic techniques have revolutionized treatment paradigms. At the helm of three VA mental health programs and at the heart of his private practice, Dragonfly Psychotherapy, Dr. Maggert is a trailblazer for trauma and addiction recovery within the LGBTQ+ community. Beyond his professional prowess, he is a Zen Buddhist adept, weaving the tranquility of meditation into his therapeutic approach and sharing his wisdom at the Houston Zen Center. Dr. Maggert's life's work is not just his occupation, but his offering to the world.

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