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The Sound Foundations for Parenting Podcast - Darren McCarthy and Brian Powers EPISODE 31, 22nd January 2021
Sibling Rivalry
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Sibling Rivalry

The youngest of 12 children, a husband, father of three, uncle to 42 (and increasing), basketball player and fan, skier, lifelong learner, community advocate, public speaker, and a counselor, coach and therapist; Justin Greer draws from these experiences to add perspective and gain understanding about the human condition.

Justin applies that knowledge to help parents navigate the many daily challenges parenting brings. These challenges range from typical and frequent to serious in nature. By examining the current family structure, systems and processes, unhealthy patterns can be replaced with healthy ones that create an environment where children can do their BEST work.

Justin originally got into the field of counseling and psychology as the child and adolescent behavior coach. He worked specifically with children with really challenging behaviors, usually aggression as he moved through his bachelor's degree in behavioral science, he actually started to take on clinical roles and he ran a teen substance use group for about a year.

He started to work with adults and he eventually got his master's in clinical counseling and mental health. Justin is now a clinical counselor. He a licensed counselor in the state of Arizona. And a nationally certified counselor.

In this episode, we discuss:

·      How to regulate emotions in kids.

·      Train parents on how to help their children emotionally.

·      Critical components to be able to address overwhelm.

·      The CS model.

·      Being correct means, we have the right tools and the right knowledge.

·      Being controlled means that we are actually putting forth the right amount of intensity.

·      The core four, which is vision. Values beliefs and habits.

·      History of sibling rivalry.

·      Tips on dealing with sibling rivalry. 

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