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After The Gridiron - Lyle Green
EP 49: Interview With NFL 100 All-Time Team Member Walter Jones
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EP 49: Interview With NFL 100 All-Time Team Member Walter Jones

Walter had an illustrious career, playing 13 seasons in the NFL all with the Seattle Seahawks. He was a late bloomer, not starting to play football until his freshman year in highschool. He developed into a great player, but his grades held him back from the top schools. Florida State is where he wanted to go and they had mutual interest in him. They helped him to find a Junior College to attend to improve his grades. He spent 2 years at Holmes Community College and then transferred to FSU after that. His year at FSU was one where he rotated with 2 other linemen for playing time. He had no intention of leaving early. However, the draft reports had him as one of the best linemen available for the draft, along with Orlando Pace. With such a high rating, he came out in the '97 draft and was selected 6th overall. Seattle was not where he thought he would end up. On his visit there, he only met with the offensive-line coach and didn't meet anyone else in the organization. He had a stellar career and made it to the Super Bowl, which was a first for the organization. After his career ended, he went into the media, doing some radio as well as a Post-Game show, "The 5th Quarter," which he does on King 5 in Seattle. When he found out about his Hall of Fame Induction, he was with his son, and it was an incredible moment for him. He has "Walter Jones Day" in the State of Washington, but there aren't any major privileges that he gets for it. He also has a clothing line Called, "The Best To Ever Do It," or B2EDI. They sell hoodies, t-shirts and hats, with more becoming available in the near future. To follow Walter and get more information on him and his business, use the links below.