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Good leadership is understanding the power of your self talk, our guest for podcast 100 is Antionette Biehlmeier
31st March 2022 • Soul-Inspired-Leadership • Ross Swan and Antoinette Biehlmeier
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This is Soul Inspired Leadership's 100th podcast!

What better way than to share it with the person who got me started with episode #1....Antoinette.

Which brings us to what we both love talking about… the subject of self-talk.

Many aren't quite aware of the impact our self-talk has on our actions and reactions. Those actions and reactions then create the reality one lives in. That affects the leadership one displays. Whilst much has been written about how adversity brings out true leaders, this comes back to the issue of self-talk.

Overcoming obstacles or challenges occur when the internal dialogue of the leader is actually positive. It's about having self-belief and drawing upon that strength that helps a true leader overcome challenges and influence others. 

When we know what to focus on, we can ensure that our own self-talk is positive. Doing this requires taking cues from one's own body. That helps in understanding what is the underlying feeling that's causing the reaction one is feeling.

Feelings is what one needs to be in touch with and acknowledge. It's important to be able to understand where that feeling is coming from. Take anxiety or depression as an example. These are effects that have certain causes. It's important to acknowledge and understand where these are coming from. Without that, not only can these re-surface, but more importantly one's baseline feeling is one of unease. 

What's key in getting to the root of self-talk is to identify the trigger. Knowing what triggers it, allows one to get control and work through it. Doing this takes courage. Simply because you have to bring up and deal with unpleasant memories and feelings. 

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