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Thriving on Purpose Podcast - Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard 30th March 2020
Lost Your Job? Find Your Work!

Lost Your Job? Find Your Work!

How losing your job may help you find your assignment from God



For many, the Coronavirus crisis has been just that: a crisis.


Many have lost their jobs and their income during this difficult time. Some of you might be worried about where your next meal might come from. And some of you are worried about the possibility of losing your home. We get it, and we don’t want to undermine what you’re going through.


Nevertheless, could it be, just maybe, that this crisis is actually your turning point from losing your job to finding your work?


Dear listener, you’ve just been given time to think… lots of it. And this could be what God will use to launch you fully into His work for you.


In this episode, we’ll be looking at how you can go from losing your job to finding your work.



In This Episode You will:


-Be given the difference between a job and your work.


-Understand where your income really comes from.


-Learn how God wants to keep you in assignment and to what lengths He’s willing to go to do just that.


-Learn how to shift from faith in your job to faith in your source - God




Memorable Quotes:


This crisis may actually be your turning point from losing your job to finding your work.”



“The problem is this: Most of you have more faith in your job, or your government rescue checks than you do in God.”






“As a Kingdom citizen, it is God who pays your bills. Unfortunately, you’ve been so busy with your job that you’ve lost sight of that fact.”



“Right now, you have been given something you always avoided: TIME to think.”



“You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time.” ~ Jim Rohn



“Crisis ignites reflection, inspiration, creativity, and innovation.''



Your-job-employs-you-your-work-deploys-you -Myles-Munroe



“Your job gives you a paycheck, your work gives you worth.”



“Your job is useful, your work is essential.”



“You wouldn’t do your job if they didn’t pay you, but you would do your work if nobody paid you.”



“God doesn’t want you busy with the wrong thing. He doesn’t want you on a job, but He does want you at work.”



“If you don’t understand faith and how the Kingdom of God operates, you are going to be very inefficient in the work that Christ has for you.”




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