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271 18Percent Support Group Online – Schleien
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271 18Percent Support Group Online – Schleien

18Percent Mental Health Support

Zach Schleien Cofounder of 18percent a free peer-to-peer online support community. 18percent is a community for anyone living with any mental health issue no matter how small or large.

"We understand the issue is widespread. 18% of Americans are living with mental illness, which is why we created a community for folks to meet like-minded people. It can be hard to talk to someone who may not understand first-hand what you're going through.

18percent is an online community based off Slack so that you can chat in real-time with 100's of people from around the world. We didn't mention that It's free and always will be. We'll also help put on in-person events around the United States and possibly internationally."

This conversation with Zach leads to a no-cost useful support team for those suffering alone with limited resources and little direction.

More Details From Zach

We started 18percent because our family friend Louis passed away after struggling for three years with a schizoaffective disorder / bipolar type 1. The onset of Louis’ psychosis occurred when he was 19, and he was first hospitalized in October 2014.

From childhood through high school, Louis was happy, athletic, musically gifted, made friends quickly, and achieved outstanding academic success. He was subsequently hospitalized three more times for durations of several weeks to months. In March of 2017, Louis once again rejected therapy due to medication side effects along with non-acceptance of his condition, making it nearly impossible to manage. Two months later, in the throes of psychosis, he did not understand the danger posed by the nearby river. He perished there on June 4, 2017.

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