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Womenpreneur Success - Smita Singh 14th May 2015
Learn to create and launch your product with limited funds and resources with Tamara Monosoff.
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Learn to create and launch your product with limited funds and resources with Tamara Monosoff.

Tamara is a social entrepreneur, best-selling author of six business books for entrepreneurs, media contributor, educator, speaker, award-winning inventor, and leading voice for women in business. She was the Founder of Mom Invented®, a globally recognized brand. Through her website, TamaraMonosoff.com, Tamara offers online Product Creation and Launch Programs that help rocket entrepreneurs to success! She is a former Clinton White House Advisor and U.S. Department of Education Chief of Staff for Adult Education.

Tamara invented TP Saver and was on the Today’s Show for it.

Here A-Ha moment happened when people started asking her the road map to successfully bring a product to market.

How do we get a product funded?

  •  Market Research.
  • Crowd funding – build excitement around your product and see what the response to the product.
  • Find the appropriate niche. Not all products are meant for mass market.
  • KIVA ZIP – fast way to get loans.
  •  Kabbage – maybe for your first manufacturing run
  •  Non- profit agencies that offer micro loans. (Working Solutions, Opportunity Fund)

Where do people find resources to build their products.

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Where do people find inventors?

  • Your friends and family.
  • Have a prototype and a vision for people to be interested.
  •  How much have you put into it?
  •  Crowdfunding
  •  Angel Funding – find something local.
  •  Ask professionals your work with – Lawyers, Accountants.
  •  Local Chamber of commerce.

What skills should women entrepreneurs develop?

  •  Get rid of distractions.
  •  Block time out for yourself in clear chunks. No email, no phones.
  • Map out your strategies.
  • Don’t be hard on your family.
  •  Set Financial Goals.

Role of a mentor.

  • You get to your goal much quicker.
  •  Join women’s groups.
  •  Connect with people that inspire you.
  •  Finding someone who does or does not fit your personality.
  • Success is right outside your comfort zone.

What one piece of advice would you give an entrepreneur?

  • Make sure you have money left for you.
  • Work backwards when you are figuring out your retail price.
  • Examine each penny

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Lightning Round


What trophy would you want on your mantle?

Helped people build businesses they love

What is your Guilty Pleasure?

Chocolate covered almonds

What are you currently reading?

Guidance to Go by Bridget Engle

What is your productivity hack?

Focus  and work with the end in mind.

What is your motto? 

Be unstoppable in pursuit of your dreams

What is the one thing you would have done differently?

Build Systems and structures earlier.