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(EP: 141) Buying a Winter-Home in the U.S. - Interview with US REALTOR Debbie Drummond -
Episode 14119th November 2020 • Bo Knows Real Estate • Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR
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  Today we will speak with a real estate professional in the US about that market, and the process of buying vacation property in or near Las Vegas NV. Welcome to Episode 141 of the Winnipeg Real Estate Podcast.

🏞️ Winnipeg Real Estate News 📰

Mid November, and our numbers of available homes are seriously dwindling. Last year, mid November, we had 1,610 houses available in Winnipeg. Today, that number is under 900.  In condos, last year we had 641 available, this morning, 550. That is the story of this covid-market. Not enough listings, but a lot of buyer activity. If you've missed it, check out podcast episode 139, our November Market Update.


📆 This Week on the Blog 📭

Our latest article is perfect for your cellphone reading. It's in a story format, so plays real nice on a vertical screen. 11 Insider Tips to help sell your home fast....

Top 2 tips: Make it easy for buyers to see. Don't throw up a bunch of blocks and barricades, like limiting the showing hours to a 2-hr window each day, or no showings after 5 pm...   And pick the right agent.

🔦 Spotlight on Local Business 🏪

When you get a mortgage, the lender MUST offer you the option of taking 'mortgage insurance'.  This is really just life insurance by another name. Repeat after me : Thank you, but no thanks."...  Instead, get Life Insurance, which offers better coverage, has fewer hurdles, and is usually cheaper. We talk about it in Episode 119, link here


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👫 Phone call with Debbie Drummond from Las Vegas ❓

Interested in buying a vacation property down south? Get away from our winters for a few months? Las Vegas Nevada has a lot to offer. We talk with award winning Luxury Home Agent Debbie Drummond about


  • The current state of the housing market
  • Common price ranges
  • What can you buy for $300K US?
  • Tax implications for Canadian Buyers
  • Mortgage options for foreign buyers


Ms. Drummon's Tax Acct. recommendations is at

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