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Building Optimal Radio - Jared Gossett 1st May 2018
#11: Paul Sanneman on Getting Business from Architects
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#11: Paul Sanneman on Getting Business from Architects

Paul Sanneman is a consultant to builders and remodelers through his firm, Dream Business Coaching. He has coached hundreds of businesses over his more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Along the way, he has developed has some strong, and undoubtedly well-earned, opinions as to how you should be marketing. And it centers around the relationships you build with architects. You may not agree with everything Paul says in the interview, but his viewpoints are definitely worth your attention, as they just may change your strategy. I shifted my perspective on a few topics after our discussion, and I guarantee you will learn some valuable information. Enjoy.

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Show Notes:

[1:50] – The benefits of focusing on architect referrals as your primary marketing strategy.
[5:00] – How to get Houzz testimonials and why you shouldn’t email prospectives.
[6:35] – Houw to use Houzz to build your database of architects.
[17:00] – “Buying” your first job.
[20:55] – Managing the inherent potential for conflict in the builder/architect relationship.
[23:05] – How design/build firms can work with outside architects.
[24:30] – Incorporating an architects/designers section on your website.

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