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What can you eat? | Elimination Diet Update |
13th December 2019 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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So, if you listened to the interview I did with Sarah Clark from the Get Pregnant Naturally Podcastwho challenged me to try an Elimination Diet where I gave up the top 5 allergens for 10 days. And I did it. And I wanted to share my results.

It's Easy

I mention theJill Angie Not Your Average Runner podcast too who talks about a mindset shift from "I Can Do Hard Things" to "It's Easy". Kate Erikson has a great saying 

"Gratitude is the First Seed of Abundance"

And I tried it, I thought what am I going to eat if I can't eat:

  • soy
  • corn
  • gluten
  • dairy
  • eggs
  • peanuts

So I thought what could I eat? I can eat salad, fish, garbanzo beans (hummus)!

I was like I can do that. I love salad! I love fish! I love garbanzo beans!

And so it turned out it was easy!

It was a little weird, I searched some vegan sites for recipes. I didn't really make any, other then the lentil burgers, which asked for eggs but I din't seem to have a problem. They also asked for bread crumbs, I was gonna make from some gluten free bread I did buy some gluten free bread boy was that expensive! 

I looked at gluten free brownie recipes but they called for eggs, again. I bought some gluten free flour which was super expensive! I made a gluten free vegan pizza, it was not very good, I had a problem getting the bread to rise because I think my yeast wasn't any good. It really made some good habits.

I also put some ketchup in some lentil burgers from Making Thyme For Health that called for tomato paste. And it had cornstarch or corn syrup or something in it. So there's that I did on like day 4. And lentils were a great thing I ate. 

I don't think I have food allergies. I didn't really seem to feel any different. I am an Italian and I feel like my stomach can handle just about anything. I thought it would get rid of the sniffling sound in my nose but it didn't seem to do anything about that.

I could eat chocolate, there are gluten free vegan chocolate bars from Endangered Species and they taste delicious and are frequently on sale! Just be advised they recently changed their labels, I stood staring at the chocolate display before I found them!

Endangered Species Cranberries Almonds Chocolate Bar

I'm used to eating ice cream every night. I bought some almond milk, after I found out I could eat nuts just not peanuts, but I never had it. I drank rice milk, with granola a lot. 

So if you want to try the elimination diet think about what can you eat?

It was definitely fun to say hey this is easy! and Hey I'm doing this!

On day 6 I was ready to quit, on day 8 I really wanted to quit. Especially I mistakenly ate some edamame at school they gave the kids for snack and I was like oops I blew it. But I ended up sticking it out. It was odd I felt kind of depressed that day.

But it could have been something else. We had an incident at our school. If you are not on Facebook you might not know but a little girl from my school was hit getting off the bus by a car and she's in a coma. It's so sad, if you want to donate to her fundraiser.

Montana law requires drivers to come to a halt no less than 30 feet away from a school bus with its red, flashing lights on, and to only proceed once children have reached the side of the road and the school bus has turned off said lights.

Did you know that 6 to 9 people pass a school bus with it's flashers on illegally while it’s stopped during student pick up or drop off, each month? Check out this article in the Big Fork Eagle!

Anyway, I mentioned that I didn't think it made a difference but then after eating everything again and adding everything back in, I am seeing some effects after adding corn back in so I think I am going to try to stay away from that. And I am going to try eating a bit healthier. I did bring a salad every day this week which it seems like I would but I usually don't do.

I hate buying the plastic lettuce containers. I hate buying a head of red leaf lettuce that's soaking wet and I usually eat in one salad. Which isn't too bad, $2.00 for a salad, add some

  • chick peas
  • tuna
  • sunflower seeds
  • Pickled beets if I have them

Maybe $3 and my yummy homemade salad dressing! Delicious!

The Family Garden Plan: Grow a Year's Worth of Sustainable and Healthy Food

The Family Garden Plan: Grow a Year's Worth of Sustainable and Healthy Food


Don't forget to enter the Melissa K. Norris Giveaway to win a copy of her new awesome book! 

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