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Magnum's Tome of Unshackled Spells /w Dave Paints | Dungeon Master Discussions - Season 1, Episode 4
Episode 413th February 2021 • Dungeon Master Discussions • Nerdy Northerners
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This is Dungeon Master Discussions where host Zack The DM will be picking the brains of a new Dungeon Master each week to explore insights and find new inspiration.

Zack The DM has been a Dungeon Master for a number of years and has always known the quickest and easiest way to become a better Dungeon Master is to learn from others and expand upon their ideas.

On a special episode this week, host Zack "Zack the DM' Ramsey is joined by Dave Paints who recently launched Magnum's Tome of Unshackled Spells, a new spell book for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Join us every Friday 6-7pm ET as we dive head first into another Dungeon Master's mind!


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