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Madden 23
6th December 2022 • The Introductory Gaming Podcast • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Introductory Gaming Podcast

Episode # 6: Madden 23

You are listening to the Introductory Gaming podcast with your host(s) Duke and Yash.

In this episode of the Introductory Gaming Podcast, we will be continuing with the enre of sports games. We’re going to move on to a game equally as popular as 2K23. The game featured in this episode will be Madden 23. This podcast will detail what the game is about, the fundamentals of how to play, and we will play two distinct minigames. For this episode, we have a fan-favorite guest, Anish Ponam. We also promised you guys a surprise for this episode, so we brought in two special guests from another podcast run in this building. They are perfect for this episode because one plays football and the other has a fantasy football podcast so please welcome, Andrew Rowan and Joshua Kohlhepp.

Segment 1: Introducing the Game

For our first segment, we'll give a brief overview of the game Madden 23. Madden 23 is a very young game as it was released on August 19, 2022. Madden 23 is an American football game developed by EA Sports, and it is based on the National Football League (NFL). The game featured is similar to ones that came before it, however, it has updated rosters and more advanced features. Madden 23 has every current football player programmed into the game, and each player has a rating that corresponds to their ability in real life. You can pick any of the 32 teams in the league and play as them. You can play this game with your friends either by playing on the same console with two controllers or separately online. If you’re by yourself you can play against the AI or even indulge in the Franchise Mode.

---Story Line

  • There is no real storyline in Madden 23 because most sports game don’t, but the closest thing to it would be the Franchise Mode. In the Franchise section of the game, you can create an avatar with his own stats and put him on a team. You can then play as that player against various teams. Most years, your player would start off as a rookie, but this year, you start off as an underutilized fifth-year free agent. You then play lots of matches until you eventually make it into the hall of fame. This game mode is very special because you can simulate a career in the NFL in various ways.

Segment 2: Minigame

In this segment, we will be playing a minigame with our guests. This episode is unique because we are breaking a pattern that we’ve been doing since the start of this podcast. You might have noticed that we pair games off, meaning that every two episodes feature games that are similar in genre. For these pairs, we usually play the same minigame, but because drafting an entire NFL lineup is tedious, we decided to play two smaller minigames. These two games have never before been seen on this podcast. We will be playing “Higher or Lower” and we will also be doing a “Keep 5 Cut 5”. In the “Higher or Lower” segment, I will read two characters at a time. I will give the guests the rating of one player, and they have to guess if the other character has a higher or lower rating. The person with the most points at the end wins. For the “Keep 5 Cut 5”, I am going to say a list of 10 players, and the guests will have to keep 5 of the players but cut the other 5. For the people listening, feel free to play along with us to see if your knowledge and opinions are on par with ours.

Segment 3: Our opinion

In this segment, we will just voice our opinion of the game.

---Rate it or Hate it

---Our favorite player.

Well, that’s it for our episode, so we’ll see you in the next episode, buh bye.

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Higher or Lower

Davante Adams (99) Vs. Tyreek Hill (98)

WR Raiders   WR Dolphins

Cooper Kupp (97) Vs. Travis Kelce (98)

WR Rams TE Chieves

Josh Allen (94) Vs. Tom Brady (93)

QB Bills    QB Bucs

Dak Prescott (88) Vs. Tua Tagovailoa (84)

QB Cowboys QB Dolphins

Nick Bosa (96) Vs. Von Miller (94)

RE 49ers    RE Bills

A.J. Cole III (84) Vs. Bryan Anger (82)

P Raiders      P Cowboys

Chris Boswell (82) Vs. Justin Tucker (94)

K Steelers K Ravens

T.J. Watt (97) Vs. Micah Parsons (94)

LOLB Steelers   ROLB Cowboys

Tress Way (82) Vs. Johnny Hekker (82)

P Commanders    P Panthers

Myles Garret (99) Vs. Aaron Donald (99)

RE Browns  RE Rams

Keep 5 Cut 5

Tom Brady

Micah Parsons

Patrick Mahomes

Justin Jefferson

Tyreek Hill

Aaron Donald

Sauce Gardner

Jalen Ramsay

Saquon Barkley

Nick Chubb