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Episode 101 The Kjars: Part 3 – 50 States in 52 Weeks Concludes
22nd August 2018 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 101 The Kjars: Part 3 – Travels to all 50 States Concludes

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. For those of you that are loyal listeners, you’ll already be familiar with the Kjars – the family traveling to all 50 states in 52 weeks in their motor home, meeting with other kids and families to see how other people in our country live.

In the first interview – episode 45 they had just shadowed kids who were real-life cowboys – spending their days on ranches, and weightlifters competing and training.

In our second iinterview, episode 61, they had just finished spending time with the Amish and walking the sacred ground of Gettysburg.

Now they’ve just finished up Hawaii and Alaska and they are here to tell us the stories of their latest adventures as they finish up the 50th state and return home. Stay tuned to catch up with the Kjars.

Tune into the audio program for my interview with Matt and Lindsay.

You can see their adventures on 50×  and on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.