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Values & the Importance of Removing Persistent Negative Meanings in Your Life
7th December 2017 • The Higher Self with Danny Morel • Danny Morel
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So many entrepreneurs find themselves stuck year after year as a result of misguided values and the negative stories they tell themselves. How does your value system control your actions? What is the most dangerous thing about using money to drive your decisions? How do you free yourself from the control of negative meanings and stories? On this episode, we go deep on solidifying values and cutting out negative meanings.

3 Things We Learned:

The values you have internally drive the actions you take, or don’t take, externally.

The value systems we have are like an internal navigation system that controls what we can and cannot do. That’s why it’s so critical to take care of the values and make sure they’re in alignment with what will bring out the best in you.

For some of us, money is the thing that will make us delineate from our values.

Money makes so many people toss their values aside just because they want to get a check. You only experience freedom when you decide that money won’t dictate your decisions but your values will. Focusing on money can only lead to more trouble and stress.

Our stories control our lives.

So many people are driven by the negative stories they tell themselves, and the negative meanings they attach to the things that happen in their lives. These things end up controlling their behavior and make success impossible. You have to change the stories you tell yourself in order to find freedom.


People stay stuck because they don’t do the work internally to get unstuck. A lot of this work is examining your values and rooting out the negative stories you tell yourself. The stories we believe have us tolerating our egos a little too much and this gets in our way. You will finally experience freedom when you decide to be controlled by your values, not money and negative stories.


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