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Unbottleneck Your Business - Tonya Thomas EPISODE 19, 19th August 2021
Turnover: Are you Ready for It?
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Turnover: Are you Ready for It?

No one ever likes it when a team member departs, but it happens. People leave companies for various reasons – a better opportunity, health issues for family members or themselves, etc. Don’t think that you’re alone, turnover happens to every small business owner and entrepreneur at some point. There’s nothing that you can do about it. You can’t control or stop someone from leaving. The best and only thing that you can do is prepare for it. 

Tune in as I share with you what you can do to soften the blow of a departing team member. 

Today on the Unbottleneck Your Business Podcast:

  • Learn how to have the right mindset
  • How an onboarding system can help
  • The two most important things to do before a team member leaves


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