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Real Life Weight Loss - Corey Little EPISODE 137, 22nd June 2021
The Truth About Losing Weight
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The Truth About Losing Weight

Are you ready for the truth about losing weight that no one else wants to tell you? Forewarning ...

The "medicine" can be tough to swallow, but when it cures our sickness, it's totally worth it. Are you ready to take your medicine? Ready to swallow a big spoonful of truth??

If so, today we’ll answer all of these questions . . . 

>> What is the TRUTH about losing weight that's right in front of our face, but we somehow miss?

>> What is the "secret belief" you're probably carrying into this program that might be totally screwing you up?

>> What lie do diet-marketers implant in your subconscious that you drag from program to program

>> Why do some people tell you what you want to hear ... while others tell you what you need to hear?

ALL of these questions and more are answered in this episode. But forewarning - it's a big, prickly tough-love message!

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